The Story of the idea of creating the Book is easily told. Dedicated to the beautiful designs of Ferrari from Tony Curtis appearance in the TV-Series “The Persuaders” where Curtis drove a 246 GT Dino, the editor, a banker, was forced by his spouse to work offside his professional activities during vacation. This ended up by building scale-models on the shores of the Baltic Sea.

“One of the cars being assembled, tells editor Matthias Urban, was a 365 GTB/4 Daytona in a strange design and I doubted that this car did exist in reality, but reality convinced me. Whilst researching this car on the internet, I found out that this certain car did show a Serial Number and being straight I assumed if one bears a Serial Number all of the cars would show one and they did!” Read the original introduction from the Book’s first Edition here.

Not being too familiar with the Ferrari history, the editor started researching and the Serial Numbers have been the driver for this quest, since. It appeared that Matthias Urban was not the first to follow the Factory’s production. Read more about Hilary Raab and his successors here. Growing and becoming more perfect over the years, the editor’s work was highly regarded by Dealers, Collectors and Enthusiasts and it became quite usual, that the Book became widely known as the “Black One”. This is sure related to the principles faith, privacy and accuracy in handling the data about the cars listed. F-Register is proud being counted in to the small number of real experts about the Ferrari community.

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