Ok, to make to start simple, let’s divide Ferraris into different clusters.

The first differentiation is, to separate Competition Cars from Road Cars:

Competition Cars:

Competition cars have been numbered even, while Street cars were numbered odd. The last Competition car was 512 M #1050. It lasted until # 75000, a Testarossa, until the Factory used even numbers on Street cars as well. Still today, Competition cars like the Single Seaters or the GTC/GT2-Berlinettas are running in independent Serial-Number sections.

Road Cars:

Street cars were numbered odd until # 75000, a Testarossa, when the Factory used even numbers on Street cars as well.

The second differentiation is, to divide Road Cars by the engine’s Volume. Since launching the 206 GT Dino, what has been not a member of the Ferrari-Family until the late 308 GT/4 models, Ferrari offered consistently a model with 12 cylinders and a model with at first 6 cylinders what became 8 cylinders later, being described as the “Bread & Butter”-Ferrari by the late Gerald Roush in his famous Ferrari Market Letter.

The third and final differentiation is related to expert and friend, Mike Sheehan, owner of ferraris-online.com, who divides the Road Cars by the era in which they have been produced:

  • the “Enzo Ferrari-Era”, ranging from 1947 to 1974
  • the “Fiat-Era”, from late 1974 until the production of the 348 stopped in 1993
  • the “Montezemolo-Era”, starting with the F355 in 1994 and still running today.