There are only few car manufacturers whose history and production is documented as extensive as Ferrari’s is and one of the frequently asked questions the editor receives can only be answered with: The interest in Ferrari’s production and Serial Numbers seems to be unique, but the demand in information is shown by private persons as well as by people who have built their business on Cars, Spare Parts, Components or Accessories, Literature and other printed documents, Scale Models and Slot cars and Memorabilia that are related to Ferrari more or less.

Jean-Louis Bezemer compiled a list of ten books that every Ferraristi should own in the Dutch Ferrari Club ”Gli Amici della Ferrari”-magazine. He gave a huge number of 1,300 books that he could choose from and if you visit online libraries with an emphasis on automobile-books the number of Ferrari-related books is approx. about 600 items. There is an additional market for the Factory’s publications as well, ranging from owner’s manuals, sales brochures to year books.

Together we probably will manage to compile a complete list of those items and you are invited to give your impression of certain publications by writing a review that will be published with the list of the “Book Shelf”.

Click here to download the literature list.