“When I started my research on Ferrari Serial Numbers, says Matthias Urban, I quickly became aware, that there was one person that had gone the way I planned to go already for a long time, this was Hilary A. Raab”.

Hilary and Matthias first met at Essen’s Techno Classica in 2006 after having some written conversation previously. It was Matthias’ particular wish to let Hilary know about and agree to his plans about the Book as it was something building up on Raab’s work.

Hilary A. Raab’s Introduction of the Book’s first Edition:

“After I bought my first Ferrari in 1971, I wanted to know how many of these models were made. No one seemed to know. I asked Richard Merritt, and he replied "I don't know, maybe several thousand?". That answer sent me on my quest. Over the next 15 years I was able to build a database of the early Ferrari production. Part of this was from observation, and part of this was from Ferrari supplier records, and with help from Amerigo Manicardi of Ferrari. I chose to stop with the 365GT4 BB model, thus the early 308 models were included.

Matthias Urban has taken on the task of continuing my quest. He has been recording the Ferraris' current production including colours and other special features that he has been able to observe. He has a never-ending task. He has decided to publish his observations to date in this book.


Hilary A. Raab”

Hillary A. Raab is a Ferrari-Enthusiast and Author as well. He has been the first of a very small number of people who put together and published Serial-Number-Registers of Ferrari.