You read that right... off to the desert. Bonhams is accompanying the end of the F1 season with an auction and, because Bonhams always supports us, we don't even have to be there - which we would like to be - to look at the lots. We saved the F1 show car 052 because, although it is an official show car, it is just a show car. That's what the other lots are all about, as you'll see, so off to the desert.

272926 SF90 Stradale F1 21 Grigio Scuro 792 tetto Nero DS 1250 PPG/Nero 8500 large Racing seats Giallo 113266 coloured inner details Giallo 0113 stitching LHD EU ZFF95NMB000272926 ass. # 193474 Giallo calipers Shields suspension lift AFS system
Lot 11 est. US$500,000 - US$700,000

146653 575 Superamerica F1 05 Nero Daytona WB 508 PPG/Rosso Daytona seats Nero seat centres Rosso inserts Nero stitching LHD EU ZFFGT61B000146653 ass. # 63695 Rosso dials Shields Rosso Scuderia calipers
Lot 27 est. US$350,000 - US$450,000

104105 F512 M 95 Rosso Corsa FER 300/12 Glasurit/Nero 8500 LHD JP ZFFVA40JPN0104105 A4105NWQ eng. # F113G*41790*
Lot 32 est. US$350,000 - US$400,000