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Parisian hustle and bustle

The Retromobile 2014 report


by Matthias Urban

How good it was that we changed our original plan. We first decided to make Paris in one go: RM’s Auction, Bonhams’ Auction and off to the exposition. However, after being ready with Bonhams offers, we skipped the plan and went to Retromobile on Thursday morning. We have been fully surprised by long queues at the pay kiosks; the move to the bigger exposition hall 1 obviously attracted more visitors than previously.

The pleasing spectators' reception made spotting and mugging cars not really easier, but so what. The first quarter of the hall was reserved for clubs and part dealers. The first Ferrari was a real barnburner: Former Pink Floyd member, Nick Mason’s 512 BBLM was on display by a car valeting company called Lescot Care. #27577 is the well known dark Green car that was sold new through Jacques Swaters' Garage Francorchamps to Blaton in Belgian national livery of Yellow and was entered in 1979’s Le Mans, achieving a 12th OA and 5th in class with Faure/O’Rourke/Beurlys/de Dryver behind the wheel.

Another Belgian car was #16717, a Daytona GTB/4 Competizione Conversion on H.A Histoire d'Autos’ stand. It is one of the eight unofficial but recognized converted cars that was prepared by Garage Francorchamps and was frequently entered in the Ferrari Historic Challenge.

Sport e Collection promotional display is always a pleasure. This time they joined in the 275 GTB hysteria –everybody seems to have one since the touched the million dollar barrier, just like it is with the Dinos: high prices release cars from ownership- and 6603 in elegant Grigio Ferro was shown, provided by dealer MMC. The car with ass. # 27 was originally delivered via Chinetti to the USA and last spotted with a dark Red stripe and being French registered at Spa Classic in 2012. As Sport e Collection usually shows two cars on their stand, it was no surprise to find another Ferrari next to #6603. This year they had one of the 333 SP, # 022, on display. The car was delivered new to Jean-Pierre Jabouille for the JB Giesse-Team in 1998 and became ISRS Champion that season with 6 victories and 3 dnf.

#18939 was shown by FFSA and sure was one of the most modern cars on the show, eligible for Retromobile. Obviously a 308 GTB Vetroresina from new, it seems to have become one of the Michelotto transformed Group 4 cars. The car was identified by its registration plates from Padova.

Parisian Broker FA Automobile had four Ferraris on display in total. Beside 12155, a 365 GTC that was sold new to Italy and changed its colour from light Blue to Grey met., Dino GTB #06718 and the American Targa-pendant #04126 in beautiful Rosso Rubino with Beige Daytona seats have been shown. The Daytona Spider Conversion #13477, once being part of the famous Kroymann’s collection was on display as well.

Chantilly Cars Prestige had an “old acquaintance” on display. The 250 GT TdF Replica that uses 1303GT’s Telaio plate and engine and is said to have been built by Apal’s founder, Edmond Péry, once again showed up. L’Atelier des Coteaux is currently restoring Daytona #12787, a car that was delivered new via Pozzi to its first owner from Lyon on February 25th, 1970. The car with ass. # 61 stood on their stand with the body that was already painted.

Paris Automobile showed the Dino Berlinetta #01352 still on Black plates from Paris and 250 GTE #3291GT.

At European Car Legend we met good friend and Dino Guru, Matthias W. Bartz, who laid beneath 246 GTS #07868 to look for some more numbers for his database. They had a 250 GTE as well as a restoration project and this car remains one of the unidentified cars, no numbers visible anywhere.

This all has obviously been the prelude to the cars of true beauty to come: First is 0858, the 330 P4 Fantuzzi Berlinetta, which became 2nd OA and 1st IC in 1967 before being fitted with a Barchetta bodywork, then to a 350 CanAm Spider and obviously has been reconverted to a Berlinetta. Medlin asked 11 Mio. USD for the car in 1998 and it left unsold at the famous RM Auction at the Factory in 2009 with a high bid of 7.25 Mio. €. 0858 was last offered by DK and displayed in Paris by Graissage Complex together with GT SWB Berlinetta Competizione #2209GT, once rebuilt by Drogo and then built back to original by DK again. The 49th Berlinetta Competizione was sold new to Jo Schlesser, who won the Tour de Corse in 1960 with the car. Good friend, Andreas Birner, offered the original engine for sale in 2011 that was purchased by then owner Leslie Wexner, probably now reunited with the car.

German dealer, Jan B. Lühn Klassische Automobile, displayed one of the original Daytona Spiders, # 14547 in elegant Grey met. Vis-à-vis of their stand, Lukas Hueni from Zurich had his display and whenever he has Ferraris to show, this display alone would be worth the visit of Retromobile. The last ever produced 250 GT Lusso # 5955GT shared the display with #6707, a 275 GTB sold new to a M. Fidier in France before being sold to Switzerland. Highlight of Hueni’s display was one of the three 250 LM Stradale, #5995, built in July of 1964, the car was sold to Count Volpi in its today livery of Argento/Blu Panno. The plexi rear window was added by the Factory in 1967.

German classic car dealer E. Thiesen surprised us with the Chairs & Flares Dino, #07808 we had seen very recently at the Essen Motorshow where is was offered by a Dutchman. Rumors had it that the car was sold on the first day in Essen but it soon showed up as being for sale on the internet with an asking price close to 400 k€.

Movendi from Düsseldorf showed the 250 GT Elena # 0869GT once again, the car we already reported about in “The Chronicle” earlier and the one we looked at together with very good friend Mike Sheehan shortly before last Christmas. We are still trying to identify a 330 GTC displayed by Movendi, a car that is registered on German plates “E-GT 40H” and seems to have some history with The Gallery of Brummen – we keep on investigating…

British dealers Fiskens and J.D Classics rivaled with their display. Fiskens showed 275 GTB #08061, a car that was new to a Sig. Landini in 1965 but was acquired by Gregory Noblet close to the millennium who frequently entered the car into the Ferrari Maserati Historic Challenge. We last spotted the car again at some Spa Classic events. Another Lusso, # 5851 in Blu Notte was delivered new by Italian dealer Ravasio & Figli to a M. Lafuge from Paris before leaving France from the long term ownership to Germany in 1994 where it was temporary resprayed in Grey met. and received the Bordeaux interior it shows today. Dutchman Dik Lievaart purchased the car in 2001 and it was to be seen at various classic events, amongst have been the Het Loo Concours, the 60 Anni display of the Dutch Ferrari Club in Maastricht and the FF60 parade and rally during Spa Classics in 2012. Fiskens showed the second original Daytona Spider, #14415, one of only 18 European spec. cars. The car was enjoyed by owners all over the world, new to Italy, then to France, to the US and finally back to Europe, to Switzerland, where it was owned by Nathaniel Rothschild.

J.D Classics didn't cut any corners and counterattacked with two 275 GTB, #9999 and #10147. Both are European specification and 9999 was sold new to Onassis’ son, Alexander. The Daytona Berlinetta #13701 was sold new to Sig. Serandrei from Italy where it returned to after a long term ownership from Nevada. Highlight with J.D Classics was 0152EL, 225 Sport Vignale Berlinetta, probably the oldest Ferrari on display. The car was sold new to Frenchman, Pierre Boncompagni alias "Pagnibon"and entered in four races that all have been won and the car is a real Mille Miglia participant.

Austrian Classic car dealer, Peter Wiesner brought four Ferraris to Paris. One of those was 206 S Dino #016 that was raced for the Scuderia Sant' Ambroeus by Edoardo Lualdi. During Ferrari Shell Historic Challenge’s heydays in the early period the car was entered frequently. Another Dino GTB, 02274 and a GTB/4 Daytona, #13493 have been on display beside #18471, a 365 GT4/BB in light Blue.

The last spotted car was identified with the help of some good French friend. French restorer RedParts had another Dino GTB on display that was in primer only without interior and glass – and, sure, no numbers. However, this one should be #06572.

It was interesting how many -to be correct, three- engines have been on display. F113B*09660*and F131B*53892* have been on display with RedParts and another engine, # 135B0007271 was shown by Gervadino Design. F113B*09660*and 135B0007271 are used as the basis for glass tables and, thank God, it was obvious that 135B0007271 was a fake numbered engine.

We sure missed some dealers or Ferrari displays, like Pozzi or Cecil Cars, but the quality of the cars displayed used to still on a high level and the visitors seemed to reward to bigger exposition hall. For us at F-Register, Essen and Paris are always rivaling for the title “Indoor exposition of the Year” and it is very hard to judge: Essen is bigger by far; Paris has expanded the quality of the display Ferrari-wise over the last years and to be honest, ambience is still a bonus point for Paris.

Slide Shows of Retromobile and the accompaning auction activities are already available in this section.



The 45th Essen Motor Show is history today


Our silde shows already gave the right impression, the fair for Tuning and Accessories is always a little bit marginally valuable for a Ferraristi.

The times when Prancing Horses have been pimped seem to be long gone. The cars from Maranello have been used predominantly as showcars for rim manufacturers, except Capristo, who showed -once again after the Hockenheim FRD- their interpretation of the 458 Italia Spider engine hood.

Everybody agreed that this is the design, the Factory should have fitted the car with. Looking on it from the outside does not really give the full impression how many details have really been added. An additional air intake has been fitted -the Factory car has three fins, Capristo's show four of them- and the hood around it has been slightly lifted. The lock has moved completely and is hidden under the small carbon bridge that carries the Ferrari lettering that has been moved from the original hood.

Novitech and Hamann have not been present in Essen, it looks like they found a new home at Frankfurt's IAA. The time of crazy conversions on display seems to be over for cars based on a Ferrari - no Sbarro or anything comparable was shown.

Highlights sure have been the original GTS Dino in US-specification and fitted with Daytona seats and one of the ten or eleven 348 tb Zagato Elaborazione.

However, interest was high and an amazing 360,000 people (an increase of 6 %) visited Essen Motorshow this year - Kaboom! to all of you and see you again next year.

Here is the list of cars present at 45th ESM

07808 246 GTS Dino 74 Rosso Corsa/Nero Daytona seats LHD US
36077 308 GTSi Argento/Nero LHD US ZFFAA02AXB0036077
45201 308 GTS QV Rosso Corsa/Nero LHD EU ZFFLA13B000045201
84810 348 tb Zagato Elaborazione 90 Argento met./Nero & Grigio LHD EU ZFFKA35B000084810
135122 360 Modena Spider Nero/Crema LHD EU ZFFYT53B000135122 ass. # 52235 Novitec rear Challenge Grill
163478 F430 Scuderia F1 Rosso Corsa Grigio Corsa stripes/Alcantara Nero Rosso & Nero mesh inserts Racing seats Rosso Stitching LHD EU ZFFKZ64B000163478 Giallo dials Shields Red Calipers matte Black Spath Rims
165790 California 2+ F1 Rosso Corsa/Crema LHD EU ZFFLJ65B000165790 Shields Giallo Dials Red Calipers
180075 458 Italia GT3 Orange met. Silver Stripe/Rosso Racing seats LHD EU ZFF71NXX000180075 eng. # 171568 Aluminum Calipers
192031 458 Italia Spider F1 Rosso Corsa/Nero Racing seats Rosso Stitching LHD EU ZFFLJ65B000165790 Shields Giallo Dials Red Calipers rear Challenge Grill Capristo glass engine hood
193162 F12 Berlinetta F1 Argento Nürburgring/Nero LHD EU ZFF74UHB000193162 Nero Calipers Hankook Rims


The first impression

65th Frankfurt's IAA report


The 458 Speciale was launched today at Frankfurt's IAA

against our expectations the IAA show-car is not the same shown to VIP-clients at Hockenheim's FRD last week!

Shown in the same livery, it is the second identified. Here are the details in the format like subscribers are used to:

197559 458 Italia Speciale F1 Frankfurt Show Car 13 Rosso Corsa Blu Tour de France & Bianco stripe/Alcantara Nera Racing seats Rosso mesh seat centres Rosso Stitching LHD EU ZFF75VHB000197559 ass. # 115646 eng. # 207964 Shields Rosso Corsa Calipers Giallo dials.

Beside the Speciale, the "regular" stuff at the Ferrari display was

0167 F2013 Rosso Scuderia/Nero CHD F 2013 SN 167, Ferrari Authorized F1 Show Car

198228 458 Italia Spider F1 Frankfurt Show Car 13 Nero Stellato/Sabbia LHD EU ZFF68NHB000198228 eng. # 210122 Rosso Corsa Calipers Shields Bianco dials Crema seat belts

198280 California 30 F1 Frankfurt Show Car 13 Bianco Italia/Iroko front & rear Daytona seats Cuoio Stitching LHD EU ZFFTJ65B000198280 Brown seat belts Shields Nero Calipers Nero Dials

198281 F12 berlinetta F1 Frankfurt Show Car 13 Grigio Ferro/Nero Racing seats Bianco stripe & Stiching LHD EU ZFFUHB000198281 Shields Giallo Calipers Giallo dials

198439 FF F1 Frankfurt Show Car 13 Grigio Abu Dhabi/Soul-Aretha leather Beige Solaro seat centres Soul-Aretha Dash & Steering Wheel LHD EU ZFF73SKB000198439 Shields Nero Calipers Grigio Ferro Rims teak & ash door sills

Have a look on it in the "Slide Show"!


The big Belgian Meeting

30 years of Modena Motorsports Celebration on track in Spa


by Matthias Urban

Once again in Belgium this year, after Spa Classics and the cancelled Spa Italia, we have visited Modena Motorsports Track Day. It’s not the first time that company owner Uwe Meissner choose the Ardennes’ track for his event and probably the current financial difficulties of the Nürburgring AG have made his decision for this year’s location easier.

Modena Motorsports is well known as being the authority for maintaining historic Formula cars beside the Factory’s Corse Clineti. However with only 8 Formula cars in the pits, the presence was lower than at previous events and beside 0003, a 312 F1 and 061, the Villeneuve 126 C2, the bunch of the other cars have been very close serial number wise: #s145, 146 (F 93 A), 149 and 154 to 156 (412 T1 412 T1B and 412 T2) have been there.

Other than the Nürburgring Events, where German and Dutch owners have been the majority of visitors, Spa invited the Belgian owners as well and they showed up in large numbers, all in all 221 Ferrari have been present on July 30th and 31st. The organizers have been very lucky weather wise. Both days stayed dry, except the afternoon of the 31st what led to a damage 014 360 N-GT #014M, that spun off in slippery conditions, leaving no one hurt but the heart of the owner who obviously might invest some time and money to get it fixed again. The typical Spa-rain occurred over night but stopped right in time in the morning of the 31st.

Beside the F1-cars, Meissner is well known to attract owners of historic cars and dealer friends of him to bring up their jewels. Germany’s Classiche-authority Helmut Eberlein showed Daytona #12991, the Gillo Fly-car that is featured in Antoine Prunet’s Road Cars book. Beside some cars from his stock, other cars from Meissner’s inventory shared the pit box. Urban pro-trade, the Bavarian dealer, brought up #7189, a 275 GTS in beautiful Oro Chiaro as well as GTS Dino #07256.

The highlight of the event is the Concours, judges like Jacky Ickx, Jean-Louis Bezemer and Keith Bluemel are sneaking around the two days of the events to choose the cars that are getting elected. Meissner introduced different classes to provide a wide range of beautiful cars. There is even a prizes for the best non-Ferrari (Class 8: Best Other Marque and Class 9: Jacky Ickx’s Choice). This year’s Concours winners have been:
Class 1 – ‘50s Race Cars: 0634MDTR 500 TR of Andreas Schlawicke
Class 2 - ‘50s GT Cars: 2121GT 250 GT S2 PF Cabriolet of Mark Perkins
Class 3 - ‘60s GT Cars: 06471 275 GTB of Jörg Schulzke
Class 4 – ‘60s Race Cars: 2439GT 250 GT SWB Berlinetta of Daniela Ellenbrock
Class 5 – ‘70s Race Cars: 0888 312 PB of Stieger’s Turning Wheel Collection
Class 6 – ‘80s Race Cars: 27579 512 BB/LM of Stieger’s Turning Wheel Collection
Class 7 – Best 2+2 Ferrari: 11533 365 GT 2+2 of Dr. Gereon Schneider
Class 10 – Jury’s “Most Elegant” Choice: 5329GT 250 GT Lusso of Dirk Baumgartner
Best of Show GT Car: 2015GT 250 GT SWB California Spider of Janik Pawluk
Best of Show Competition Car: 0052M 166 MM Barchetta of Janik Pawluk
Best F1 Car: 0003 312 F1 of Jean-Pierre Clement

Beside the awardees a lot of other historic cars of interest have been present:
0172ET, a 225 S Sport Vignale Spider
another 166 MM, 0264M, a MM/53 Spider, left in patina as well as sister car 0052M
a Series I (#1433GT) and two Series II (#2121GT and # 2585GT) Pinin Farina Cabriolet
one GTE, # 3395GT, in the best colour combo for that car, dark Blue with Beige accompanied by another Lusso (#5147GT) in the same livery.

Very noticeable was the large presence of 15 Boxers in total. Beside those, we noted that Dino #04504 looked somehow strange. The US spec. car was long time owned by John Corbani from California. After he passed away in 2008, the car was offered for sale and was purchased into Germany. At Modena Motorsports Track Day, the car showed the US spec. rear but clearly a European-style front. We have learned that this had to be replaced after the car hit a traffic refuge last winter.

Modena Motorsports’ clients and friends are always using the opportunity to take out their Competition cars on the track at this event. This explains that a bunch of modern GT- and Challenge cars –ranging from 360 to 458- have been present and to perfect it, 575 GTC, #2214.

Amongst the visitors have been several gems: four 599 GTO, a beautiful two-tone livered Italia in Nero Stellato with Rosso Maranello roof and a 328 GTB (#75306) in Verde Scuro that started its life as a 328 GTS but the owner had it Berlinetta-converted to use it on the track. The reason was the stronger frame that the GTS provides compared to the GTB. Good friends brought their cars to Spa as well: a rarely seen Prugna metallizzato 306/C Glasurit livery on a 512 TR and a beautiful 308 GTB in Blu Dino metallizzato.

Pictures say more than a thousand words, a German adage tells, so, why not use our new Slideshow-Section, to be found within the Event Report-section?


Italia a Zandvoort 2013

The Event Report and the sheet of pictures


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